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Backpack Buddies to receive proceeds from Upbeat Entertainment's inaugural charity 5K

Premiere local entertainment company Upbeat Entertainment has unveiled its first community-wide public charity event. On Sunday, November 6, 2022, Upbeat will be hosting the inaugural Upbeat Life 5K at Brook Run Park in Dunwoody.

Upbeat has generously chosen Backpack Buddies of Metro Atlanta as its sole beneficiary. 100% of the proceeds from the event will go towards BPBMA, enabling it to continue on its mission to provide weekend meals to food-insecure children in metro Atlanta.

The mission of the Upbeat Life 5K is to promote a happy, healthy, and Upbeat lifestyle while creating a festive, fun-filled, and family-friendly atmosphere.

The Upbeat Life 5K is more than just a race. Rather, it is a community-focused event encouraging people to foster a healthy mind, body, and soul as they make their way toward the finish line. With each step, we will work together to enhance the mental and physical health of students in need throughout metro Atlanta.

Click HERE to go to the Upbeat Life 5K registration page.


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